DC's Independant Music Podcast

The Studio

Castathetic started out with one man's, well childish man guy, Keaton Beus' passion for local music and thirst to explore his favorite local musicians taste in music and influences. The show has since evolved into a a live music showcase of some of the Dc and Northern Virginia's best rising talent in music. It's a music show where the focus is put on the music and the musician and how they have gotten to where they are now and where they hope their road will take them. It's hosted by Keaton Beus and recorded at the incredible facilities at Bias in Springfield, Va by Mark Reiter and Ken Barnum. 

You can contact at us with demos, inquiries, concerns and complaints at Castathetic@gmail.com

  • Castathetic has been featuring the music of the DC Metro area for 4 years now and have had musicians from all genres and backgrounds grace the show. here are just a few of the bands that have come on the show:

  • Daycare Swindlers
  • Car Seat Headrest
  • The Duskwhales
  • Richy Jones
  • Milo In the Doldrums
  • Dave Kline Band
  • Cinema Hearts
  • Kid Claws
  • Fuzz Queen 
  • Wild Love
  • Aztec Sun
  • Oh He Dead
  • Weird Wolf
  • Cabin Creek
  • Stephen Lee
  • L.A.T.O
  • Solace Sovay
  • Better Homes
  • Sub-Radio
  • Wylder
  • Walk The Plank
  • Supreme Commander
  • Collider
  • Gallows Bound
  • Adam & I

Behind the Boards

Castathetic is hosted by Keaton Beus but Ken Barnum and Mark Reiter are the true genius behind the show. With their knowledge of recording equipment of both the past and present they have molded Castathetic into one of the best sounding music podcasts around. Check out what they are currently working on at markreitermusic.com and kenbarnum.com.

Mark Reiter is a mixer, record producer and audio engineer. He is also a drummer and plays in the rock group Daycare Swindlers. His ADHD prevents him from enjoying fishing but he can tap his foot in time for prolonged periods. After two or three cups of strong black coffee he has been called “irritating” and “intolerable.” He enjoys recording analog and has worked with many local and national acts which do not include Rush, Genesis, Peter Frampton or anyone related to Frank Zappa. His mixes frequently invoke the feeling of a feudal lord surveying his lands atop a hill during a misty summer dawn. His production style is highly collaborative but he is woefully illiterate across a wide spectrum of Asian tone languages and dialects. While he is harshly criticized for his inability to perform on-the-spot rate conversions of pre-Hellenic currencies into modern legal tender, he can “use the hell” out of a compressor and has had many experiences involving microphones. He was drawn to engineering by “all the lights and buttons” and secretly enjoys a Teutonic feeling of power and dominion when recording. He understands ProTools but established a near-legendary ability for being able to fatten snare drum tones at the DOS prompt. His interests include werewolves, Vikings, dinosaurs, comic books and a wide spectrum of sundry passions that adults with fully-formed central nervous systems eschewed long ago in pursuit of economic security and furthering their respective bloodlines. He will/will not accept tattoos, Star Wars figures and/or heartfelt platitudes as payment for recording services. He is anecdotally credited as being the first audio engineer to say “What the hell is wrong with this thing?” and “I know someone who can fix this.” He works at Bias Studios just outside Washington, DC, is one-third of the Castathetic Podcast team and is the steely-eyed, handsome creator of the BitCoin.

Ken Barnum has worked in the music industry since 1995, initially running live sound for his two bands "33 West" and "Monako." He graduated from Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA, in 2002 with a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music, specializing in Recording and Engineering. He joined the Recording Arts team in 2006 and the Bias Studios team in 2015.  Ken has received multiple Wammie awards and nominations while producing, mixing, and engineering many projects for a variety of artists including Nardo Lilly, Wandering Lies, LATO, Arteless, Karla and the Brotherhood, 33 West, Crash Boom Bang, Ballyhoo!, Aaron Crawford and the Badcards, Soundtrack for Silent Films, and many more. 
Ken specializes in music production with an uncanny ability to build melodies and harmonies.  He loves to help craft a song and has the tools to make a song shine.​

Outside of his passion for music, Ken is a tech nerd and adrenaline junkie, with a love of mountain biking, snowboarding, and anything gadget related.

The Music

Bias Studios is a group of music-loving, tech-savvy professionals who approach every project with one goal: to help our clients perform and sound their best. Technical excellence is a given, and the icing on the cake is the warm, comfortable feel of our studios and staff. We hear it over and over again – how much fun people have here, how much it feels like home.

It’s hard to beat our track record: in business since 1973; dozens of Grammy-winning and nominated projects; Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum sellers; 19 years W.A.M.A. Best Studio; engineers with multiple Grammy awards on their mantels; engineers who have gone to the Grammy Award ceremonies as nominees themselves for their engineering and production excellence. Our greatest pride is hearing musicians tell us how thrilled they are with their project, having them come back time and again to create with us.